It has been hot and humid here in Upstate NY this summer.  I admit that we have not had even half as many outdoor adventures as we typically do.  Even bike rides have resulted in sopping wet clothes and chugging a gallon of water.

It has also meant short tempers and limited patience… for each member of the family.

So the August challenge is this:

Find an activity that every member of the family enjoys (a challenge in and of itself I know) to cool off with.  For my girls and I this is swimming, but it does not include my husband who hates to swim.  He would rather head to the movie theater.  So our compromise: movie character squirter tag!

We play tag but to limit the running (remember it’s hot!) whoever is it has a soaker.  When “it” gets you wet, you have to freeze until another person touches you and says the name of a movie character.  When only one person is unfrozen, they are the new “it.”

We prefer to end this activity with dry clothes and popsicles.

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